Rebecca Torres

Worship Leader & Kid's Ministry Leader - Preschool

I am the preschool director as well as a worship leader for Mercy Hill Church. I have worked in children’s ministry to some capacity since 2002 and I want every child to know Jesus in a real way. It is my firm belief that if Jesus takes root in the heart of a child, the fruit of that seed can and will continue to grow throughout their lives.

My heart’s desire is to foster an environment where children know that they belong in God’s family. The God who rescued Noah, restored Joseph, redeemed Jonah, and freed the chains of Paul and Silas is the same God we serve today! With my love for the outdoors, degrees in teaching, special education, and behavior, and my appreciation of kid movies, I am equipped and ready to meet kids where they’re at.

My husband Jeremy and I have been married 14 years and I am the mom of two amazing kids, Addie and Canaan.